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Nashua Chiropractors :
Dr. Victor Bazzani and Dr. Lisa Lanzara-Bazzani

Dr. Victor Bazzani

Dr. Victor Bazzani, an exercise enthusiast, came to discover chiropractic as a means of achieving optimal health while maintaining an active lifestyle. It seemed to be the obvious career choice for him. He decided that among the many you handle emotional stress, your inherited weaknesses and strengths; your use of drugs; exercise and relaxation—a healthy spine is essential. Chiropractic is about health and fitness. It is about natural, preventative health care. Hands down, this was the ultimate way he would serve communities.

Dr. Lisa Lanzara-Bazzani

Dr. Lisa Lanzara-Bazzani’s father, Dr. Ronald. F. Lanzara, Sr., a chiropractor, and mother, Natalia, were extremely instrumental in her career choice. Being raised in a family that practiced the chiropractic approach to health care, she enjoyed seeing generations of families enjoying relief and better health through the restoration of spinal integrity with safe and natural chiropractic care. Her evident passion and commitment that a healthy spine and nervous system, working at its very best, can help anyone at any time in their lives led her to this amazing career choice. There are seven chiropractors in her family serving communities in New Hampshire. Dr. Lisa also began serving our neighbors to the North at Bazzani Chiropractic Manchester in July of 2018.

Chiropractic Education

Both Doctors received their education from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. They chose this professional school because of its commitment and philosophy to the correction of vertebral subluxations as a means of restoring vital communication between the brain and the body.

Outside of the Office

Their family consists of two young daughters, Tatiana and Alexandra and their cat, Omega. They enjoy swimming, ice-skating, skiing, and piano.

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Chiropractic Techniques

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